Aquarellum Animal Postcards

Photo from Timberdoodle

Over the weekend we brought out the Aquarellum Animal Postcard art kit that came as part of our Timberdoodle customized kindergarten elite kit.

The curriculum kit we are using this year can be found here:

The link to the Aquarellum Animal Postcard set can be found here:

This review is 100% my own. We purchased this kit. This post is not sponsored by Timberdoodle or SentoSphere.

As most 6 year old children do, our daughter loves creating and painting. This kit comes with 8 paintable postcards, 5 high-quality liquid watercolor paints, a paintbrush, pallet, and a color mixing guide. Even better the postcard kit costs just under $20 USD.

My child spend her Sunday learning to mix colors, create beautifully detailed works of art, and the gift of giving as each postcard she painted we addressed and mailed out to family and friends.

These postcards have a water-resistant wax barrier that keeps the watercolor paints in the design area allowing the design and colors to pop.

We had such a fun time painting these cards. We cant wait to try the Aquarellum cosmic set that Timberdoodle also offers.

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