Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

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As most of you now know we ordered a Tiny Tot Customized Elite kit for our 16 month old son for this school year and I am seriously in LOVE with every item we have tried so far. The most recent item we pulled out to try was the Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter.

You can find the Tiny Tot Elite kit here:

And the Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter here:

This review is 100% my own. We bought the kit and this toy with our own finances. This post is not sponsored by Timberdoodle or Rubbabu

This puzzle is basically a toddler parents dream. The puzzle has a rubber feel to it and due to the soft and squishy nature of the pieces and the board, the pieces do not fall out when your child grabs the board. #winning!

The Rubbabu 3-D Animal Shape Sorter’s 9 handmade, velvety animal shapes are soft and squishy to the touch and a great first puzzle for young children.

This puzzle not only helps develop fine motor skills, but also helps your child learn colors and animal shapes.

My 16 month old son loves the brightly colored shapes and the feel of the soft, spongy, velvety puzzle pieces and board.

I love that the 3-D Shape shorter is handmade and created from eco friendly, natural rubber foam, which is anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic, and flame resistant. #doublewinning

There are two things about this unique puzzle I don’t love. First the natural foam rubber is not safe for anyone with a latex allergy. Which can be a huge bummer for some, but lucky doesn’t affect us. The second is the velvety texture my son and I love so much, does seem to almost disintegrate if chewed on.

To avoid this issue, we just keep the toy up and only allow adult supervised play with the puzzle. Which helps in not losing puzzle pieces as well.

I adore this puzzle and LOVE that the pieces don’t go crashing to the floor every time my son picks up the puzzle board. I love how easy it is for him to place each animal shape and the textile uniqueness is great for exploration and discovery.

The Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter has won numerous accolades including the Dr. Toy’s Awards for Best Vacation Children’s Products for 2010, Parents Choice 2010 Recommended and Fun Stuff and the Toy of the Year.

You can find the Tiny Tot Elite kit here:

And the Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter here:


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