Mobi Kids

This year my daughter is using the Timberdoodle Customized Elite Kindergarten Kit (found here ). We went with a customized kit because she tested out of kindergarten math and into 1st grade math.

photo from Timberdoodle

While we could have just gotten MathUSee Alpah (the 1st grade Timberdoodle math program), we choice to also get all the math items offered as part of the 1st grade Timberdoodle curriculum.

One of those items was Mobi Kids. I personally ordered our Mobi Kids tile game from Amazon (found here ) as at the time I could not order it without getting the 1st grade kit. I believe this has now changed.

This review is 100% my own. We bought the kit and this toy with our own finances. This post is not sponsored by Timberdoodle or Mobi Kids.

This post does contains an affiliate link. You can learn more about this on my Disclosure Page.

Mobi kids is a simple, fun, and fast-paced math game that helps your kid forget that they are actually learning. The goal to the game is to use the tiles to make simple math equations as quickly as possible by connecting the tiles in a crossword/scrabble like style. Your goal is to be the first to use all your tiles.

As my daughter (age 5) is still working on her math skills we often take it slow and we “play” as a team to use up all her tiles. She loves the extra Mommy time and I love that she is learning without any fuss.

My daughter is building arithmetic, sequential thought, visual processing, hand-eye coordination, and find motor skills; all while laughing.

Mobi Kids is for 1 to 4 players ages 4 and up. The game includes 86 acrylic plastic tiles (purple and green number tiles and blue operation tiles) in a cute whale-shaped storage pouch.

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One thought on “Mobi Kids

  1. Well be using these in January when our first grade year starts. My daughter also tested out of kindergarten math but I chose to keep with the kindergarten math because she was 3 & 4 years old when doing kindergarten this year. I thought it would help build her confidence.

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