My Big Wimmelbook Fire Trucks! Review

Thanks to Timberdoodle, my kids and I discovered Wimmelbooks when we purchased our Nonreligious 2020 Preschool Elite Curriculum Kit from Timberdoodle.

When we ordered our preschool kit in July of 2020 the preschool kit came with the Wimmelbooks Set of 3 (At the Construction Site, Cars and Things that Go, and On the Farm). My kids loved these books. They adored the oversized board books that featured brilliant full-page pictures and provided my kids with hours of discovery and storytelling.

Since we ordered our preschool kit in July of 2020, some of the Usborne books that we got with our kit are now out of print. One of these books was the Usborne Zoo Picture Puzzle Book and Timberdoodle has replaced it with Wimmelbooks Fire Trucks.

Knowing how much my kids LOVED the other three Wimmelbooks we just had to get the Wimmelbook Fire Trucks! and I was not disappointed.

As readers flip through the pages they can search for the characters introduced in the first two pages of the book. My kids love to find Spot the dog and Rocky the cat. My favorite character is firefighter Daniel. He is introduced as “Firefighter Daniel is just trying to keep up!”, me too Daniel, me too.

Every Wimmelbook has extra thick board book style pages and beautifully realistic full-page illustrations. There are so many details on every page and my kids love spotting new items and people on every page. My 20-month-old son loves pointing at each fire truck and my 6-year-old daughter loves creating her own stories to go along with each page.

All the Wimmelbooks are so creative and unique that they will be read over and over again. With the reader finding new characters, scenes, and asking new questions with each reread.

My children spend their time looking and searching for characters and making up their own creative stories and asking questions. I love using the books to help enforce counting, shapes, colors, and animal recognition. I ask the kids things like “find the pigs”, “count the fire trucks”, or “how many green fish can you find”. The possibilities for learning and discovery are endless with these vibrant, open ended books.

I am so happy we decided to add the Wimmelbook Fire Trucks! to our home library.  I honestly, believe they would make a great addition to anyone’s home library, as children of all ages love these search and find books.

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***Disclaimer: I received a copy of Wimmelbook Fire Trucks! at half price in exchange for an honest review. I am not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are those of my family and my own.

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