Why We Summer Homeschool

As much as I love spending my summer doing whatever I want, whenever I want.  My kids and I thrive on some sort of basic structure.  I know that if we take the whole summer off it will make it difficult for us to get back at it in September.  We do better if we keep a little bit of structure during the summer.

Another plus to keeping up with summer homeschooling is that it gives us some flexibility during the school year. It means we can take a day or week here or there as we need it. It is so important to me to be able to rest when we need to or be able to change gears as needed for anything life throws at us.

Daddy and Ryker

It keeps my daughter (at least so far) from complaining when school starts.  She doesn’t get upset that it is time to start up with schooling since she never really quits.  This may change though as my daughter is still young enough that she loves school and enjoys doing school work.  I’m hoping this never really changes, but I’m sure it will at some point.

No worry about anything being forgotten over the summer.  As anything a child learns, some things stick more than other, but with 3 months off often you have to recap for a month to get all those possibly forgotten skills moving again.

Quick recap of why we summer homeschool:

  1. Structure/Routine
  2. Flexibility throughout the year
  3. No complaining when school starts (at least not so far)
  4. No forgotten information over the summer

These are my reasons for year-round schooling; however, this doesn’t mean our summer schooling looks like our regular school days. I try and keep summer schooling fun and with less bookwork. We still do math, spelling, and are working on a safety unit this summer. However, the rest of our time is filled with books, nature, and play.

Visit to the zoo

We read aloud at least three books a day. We read from a large chapter book, a book from my 2 year olds Tiny Tot curriculum from Timberdoodle, and a book from my daughters Timberdoodle curriculum, or one she got from the library.

Photo From Timberdoodle

This year we are also camping almost every weekend, so we are truly enjoying the outdoors and taking in all the wonderful summer days.

Camping trip

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***Disclaimer: I purchased the Tiny Tot, Kindergarten, and 1st grade customized Timberdoodle kits with our own finances.  I was not compensated in any way. All opinions I have expressed are those of my family and my own.

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One thought on “Why We Summer Homeschool

  1. I love your reasons for continuing homeschooling during the summer. I also love the flexibility it affords our family. We have a lot of changes happening as my mother lives with us so it is nice to know that we can take time off, skip a few subjects for a day, because we school year round.


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