Clumsy Thief Junior – Review

Clumsy Thief Junior is hands down the best math game I have come across so far.  This multi-award winning math game is included in Timberdoodle’s 2021 Kindergarten Curriculum kits and targets your child’s (and your) mental math ability. 

You can find my YouTube review of Clumsy Thief Junior here:, where I included clips of us playing Clumsy Thief Junior.

Clumsy Thief Junior is a card game for 2-4 players and recommended for ages 5 and up. It is a clever game that allows teaches your kids pairs that sum to 10 while also have tons of fun.

The game is super simple, but loads of fun.  You start off with 7 cards and then make pairs that add up to 10, like 8 and 2 or 4 and 6. Then once everyone has their pairs down, you can start playing your cards on other players stacks, allowing you to steal the stacks.  Once you are done stealing and snatching, you draw until you have 5 cards in your hands and start all over again.  This is repeated until the draw pile is empty.  Whoever has the greatest number of cards in piles at the end of the game wins.

I honestly, think you can play with a few more people than the recommended 2-4 and it would be okay, just would go quicker. We played with 3 of us, my husband, my daughter (6 years old), and myself. My daughter LOVED it and has asked to play it every night since.

I also find that the card deck is adorably illustrated. The game comes with 76 cards. 70 numbered food cards, 4 thief cards (with adorably illustrated racoons), and 2 trap cards (with an adorable racoon trapped under a bucket).

My 6-year-old daughter hasn’t quite figured out how to hold cards in her hands and played with her cards out on the table. The first few hands we helped her make pairs and learn what to do next, but by the end of the game she was making pairs and stealing on her own with no help from us. By the second time we played I she was starting to strategize by stealing decks first, or waiting till one of us stole a deck so she could steal it back and trap it.

Clumsy Thief Junior is wonderfully made, beautifully illustrated, simple to play, super fun, engaging for young and old alike, and best of all, super quick at proving it is working at helping your child build their math skills. I can see why this game has won so many awards including The Parents’ Choice Foundation Award, the Tillywig Toy Awards, and the Academics’ Choice Award.

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***Disclaimer: I received Clumsy Thief Junior from timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review.  I am not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are those of my family and my own.

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