Symbol of the Season

Every year, our kick off to the next three months of festivities starts with our yearly family trip to the pumpkin patch. Picking out a pumpkin seems so simple of a thing, however this simple little vegetable is so much more then a vegetable. It is the symbol of family, connection, cooler weather ahead, and no matter how cold it gets, it gives this warm happy feeling deep in the soul.

YouTube vlog of our pumpkin patch visit here:

Maybe your family does apple picking, hay rides, corn mazes; our family does a yearly trip to a pumpkin patch animal petting farm. We have been going since I was a kid, through every season of life, the one constant has been attending the pumpkin patch.

The kids had just as much fun this year as every year prior, this year was also Ms Emma’s first pumpkin patch visit 😊.

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